From the recording Illumine


The king is a fool and the fool who follows
His heart is hollow he'll kill tomorrow
He gives then he takes, and he takes another
Piece of your heart then he rips you apart

His mind is closed, he has no mercy
‘Cause in his mind there's no one worthy
Yet he ignores the screams below him
The king before is to blame

Foolish boys plant seeds in bad soil
And foolish men tell them "do it again".
Mothers cry while daughters lie
In beds of kings with impossible dreams
You’ll see

The king is a fool 'cause the fools who taught him
Gave him power but no perspective.
He doesn't know better, he lives in a castle
Without windows to see so he doesn't believe

Don't close your eyes!
Lock up your daughters!
They come at night, they come to slaughter!
They'll take your sons, indoctrinate them,
Arm them with guns! To what end?

Foolish boys plant seeds in dead soil
And foolish men scream "do it again".
Mothers cry while daughters die
In the arms of kings with sickening dreams
Foolish sons lose wars already won,
And foolish fathers follow there after.
Mothers weep while daughters sell themselves cheap
To the princes who grow into kings or sheep.