Sky Signals

 Combining many different musical backgrounds and writing styles, the goal of Sydney based band Sky Signals is to create music that inspires others. Emotionally and intellectually stimulating music that is unique and interesting while still being enjoyable. 

Originally existing as “Ex Curia”, after a few membership changes, and changes in musical tastes, it was decided a new direction needed a new name and image. In 2016 the band begun writing their debut album “Illumine”, to be released in December of 2018.

James Devlin - Vocals

James started his music education at a very young age, being able to read music from around the time he could read words. From a young age, he has had the opportunity to learn a number of instruments. He has also performed in a variety of musical styles, including operas, orchestras and heavy metal bands. These days, when not performing, James spends most of his time behind a console; whether as an Engineer in the studio, or as a Sound and Lighting Technician. His first passion will always remain writing and performing music that speaks to the heart of the human experience.

Robert Anderson - Bass/Screams/BVs

Providing blistering vocals and rumbling bass frequencies, Rob has been writing music with the other members of Sky Signals for 8 years. Learning clarinet, saxophone and piano as a child, Rob transitioned to the guitar and bass after hearing Metallica’s Black album. 

Rob also records guitar, drums and vocals for black metal duo Galadh, whose debut release Fear and a Failure To Act was released in 2013. The duo have completed a second release, but due to a catastrophic hardware failure, are currently working on their third release instead.

Micah Beel - Guitar

Micah started studying music early on first in the form of the saxophone, his interests quickly changed when in high school he discovered the guitar and progressive metal. His growing obsession with the instrument led to him studying a bachelor of music (guitar major). Years later and now Micah makes his living through teaching, writing, organising, and performing music professionally.