Welcome to Sky Signals! We're 6 guys from Sydney, Australia who create the music we want to hear, and we hope you want to hear it too. We have a long history full of name changes, and rotating rosters. Check out our bio to get the full, unfiltered story. But for now, let our music do the talking!

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“This group from Sydney have produced an enormous work of accessible and enjoyable prog metal that has me recalling the best bits of Karnivool, Voyager, Caligula’s Horse and many more of their contemporaries. If you didn’t catch this upon its release, you’ll surely want to be across this for 2019 as I have no doubt that they will be a name on many lists, lineups and posts before long.””

Sean, My Indie Australia

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What's been Happening? 

For anyone wondering what's been happening with Sky Signals, the brief version:

- Some people are studying

- Some people are working

- Some people moved

- We got a new bassist, because Robert moved (but he's still in the band as a writer)

- We've been working on bringing our music to you in a live format.

You'll be hearing much more from us soon! 

Welcome to Sky Signals! 

Hey, welcome to our website. Over the next few months we'll be adding more content, more information, and more goodies for you to enjoy. 

We're super excited to launch with our first single, Silent Dreams!

Silent Dreams is a track from our upcoming album, Illumine, out late 2018. Keep an eye out for more news coming soon. Sign up to our mailing list to get the latest updates about what the band is doing, as well as exclusive content and opportunities. 

For now though, enjoy the new song! After all, those of you who listen to our music is why we do this!

James, Nabhan, Micah, Dan, Rob, Goibniu